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Historic tote

I'll have to admit to a life-long obsession of Tote bags. In everyday life and everywhere in the world, on all travels and adventures, there has always been Tote bags lugged along and acquired along the way. Whether it be leather, straw, canvas, plastic, rubber, sequin or denim, the collection has grown by the years and I guess the "pickiness" along with it.

A Tote bag can be of amazing use in so many ways, has it only the right size, shape, structure, material, holdfastness, features - and looks of course! My mission has been to make that just-perfect utility Tote, making it the one Tote bag to accompany you in writing every story of your life; be it at home, as shopping bag, school bag, at work, sports, travels, as a beach tote or weekend bag. The one Tote that you will always crave to have even more of!

 And then there is the will to care for our precious planet and to contribute, in all ways we can, to make the world a healthier place. In this process, it has been of great focus, to ensure that our canvas Tote is made of an eco-friendly material and that most importantly, it will stand through years and years of companionship, never to be thrown out, but rather just finding new uses for.

In addition to my love for Totes, I have always been crazy for everything monogrammed and I always cherish a gift a little extra when it is personal. Hence you will find that personal monogramming is a large part of the Totestories world. With a personal monogram, our tote bags, blankets, towels and drinkware make the perfect personalized gift for friends, family, baby, baptism, graduation, weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day...

I hope you will fall in love with our Totes and find just as many stories to tell as I have!


Falsterbo . April 2018

Lisa founder Tote Stories

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