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  • Can it get any better?! Our strong and sturdy canvas tote, paired with reused denim from old, authentic jeans. Our Denim collection comes in all sizes, however stock is extremely limited so some are destined to run out faster than others. The collection is divided into 4 general colors; Dark, Medium and Light Indigo and Black Denim. However, given their history as worn garments, vast color variations are to be expected. Likewise there will be great variations in the presence of seams, tear and wear, as this varies with each unique bag. Consequently, what your exact bag will look like, will have to come as a great surprise!

    The Story behind the Tote Stories "Denim Project"!

    Tote Stories founder Lisa has always kept old jeans, certain that one day, they would come to new use. Denim garments may be used up, but the denim fabric has the potential to live forever!

    Lisa's collection was expanded through friends, family and customers, who donated old, worn-out, grown-out, out-of-fashion denim jeans for our dream project - a unique tote bag collection! Jeans were cut free from brand markings, numbered and measured to calculate which style we could make, optimizing fabric use.

    Our amazing factory workers then put their magic into production, taking great care salvaging all fabric ... 1 pair of jeans makes 1 tote bag and scraps are used for matching pouches, leaving as little as possible for final recycling.

    Welcome to our Reused Denim Tote bag collection. All totes are numbered and contributors have been offered to buy back one of their own pair of jeans with a discount. We hope you will love them as much as us and we ask you to please help in keeping our Denim project going by donating when you can. Jeans, skirts, shorts in all shades and sizes. Wear and tear don’t matter!

    So here is to Denim, the most classic material in fashion, the essential in every wardrobe no matter age, gender or style, the forever fabric of choice - For Life!

    PERSONALIZE YOUR CUSTOM TOTE BAG! Add your personal touch with our beautiful embroidery service, making your unique tote bag with monogram, name, initial or perhaps a fun quote!
  • - 100% natural cotton canvas
    - Reused denim garments for contrast double layered base and handles
    - Stitched with thick nylon thread for strong seams
    - Side seams with cotton tape
    - Outer front pocket
    - Color-coordinated inside carbine hook for matching pouch, keys
    - Option of open or zip-top closure in contrast dye fabric
    - Zip-top with cream colored YKK zipper
    - Option of short or long handles on Small and Medium size.
  • == Please refer to the size chart for measurements! ==

    This tote comes in 4 different sizes, all designed purposefully for different uses.

    CARRY – Our tiniest, cutest little mini, naturally perfect for your own Mini-Me, but to be honest, almost impossible for the rest of us to resist too! Small or big, this is the perfect party companion, when you just need to bring those small things along ... ballerinas, hostess gift, phone, wallet, makeup, sunglasses, water bottle etc. Perhaps also the cutest personalized gift of all, for a newborn baby, toddler, best friend.

    BRING – Our small, yet perfectly roomy tote, designed for you to bring along all necessities for work, or to serve as a school bag, shopping bag, gym bag, kids overnight bag or just to pack those small things when going to a friends’. In addition, it is the perfect personalized gift for that special friend, children, bridesmaid, colleague, teacher, mother, father...

    PACK – Our in-between, pack it perfect tote, designed for you to pack whatever you need on most occasions. Perfect as a beach bag, grocery bag, weekend bag, or to use for a picnic, as carry-on, toy storage, or even diaper bag...

    HAUL – Our huge, haul it all, swallow a ton tote! This is the dream family tote for the big outing, hauling weekend luggage to the cabin, bringing in firewood, stocking up tons of greens or snacks for the weekend, storing towels, beach toys or even beverages on ice for that hot summer party.
  • Add a personal touch to your tote bag with our beautiful monogramming service! You can choose to have your name, initial or monogram stitched to the front of the bag, with high quality thread in a color to match your selected tote. We offer several different fonts to choose from (see pic). For any special requests, please leave a comment with your order or e-mail us at

    Adding a monogram costs just 49 kr (€5), so take the opportunity to make your product personal or add a creative title or quote just for fun. In addition to being a nice gift for yourself, it makes a perfect personalized gift for family, friends, a colleague, baby, baptism, graduate, wedding, Valentine, Mother's or Father's Day... well anyone actually is bound to be excited for a personalized gift!

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