Ground Cloth - Deerfield Green

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  • Time to put old styrofoam sitting pads aside and step up your outdoor adventures a good notch! Waxed canvas ground cloths provide excellent protection against dirt and moist. The waxed canvas is highly water resistant and durable against dirty grounds, whereas the thick wool gives warmth and is comfortable to rest your butt on. Our ground cloths are designed to bring along on your outdoor adventures, to sit down for a rest be it on ground, a bench or fallen tree. They fold away easily and neatly in your tote or can be rolled up to attatch on your backpack.

    Our ground cloths come in two convenient sizes; The "Bench Pad" with its 55x148 cm is perfect for a bench or log, to seat 3 persons. The "Butt Pad" is just the right size for one with its 35x45 cm.

    PERSONALIZE! Add a name, initial or fun text with our beautiful monogramming service.
  • - Bench Pad 55 x 148 cm
    - Butt Pad 35 x 45 cm
    - Waxed oil cloth cotton canvas
    - 100% pure wool in tartan plaid
    - Decorative brand label with care instructions
    - Made in India, perfected in Sweden
  • Add a personal touch to your ground cloth with our beautiful monogramming service! You can choose to have your name, initial, monogram or text stitched in the lower right corner, with high quality thread in a color to match. We offer several different fonts to choose from (see pic). For any special requests, please leave a comment with your order or e-mail us at

    Adding a monogram to your ground cloth costs just 49 kr (€5), so take the opportunity to make it personal for an excellent gift for yourself or someone you love.

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