Personal Monogramming


The concept of making things personal is a quickly growing trend that shows no tendency to slow down. Why? Because making it personal gives you a valuable feeling of it being yours and yours alone. In addition it naturally has a practical function in standing out from the crowd and it makes for a perfect gift in being extra thoughtful and special. All of the above resulting in things you will take extra care of and want to cherish for long.

The art of monogramming with embroidery is perhaps the most luxurious technique of all, since it requires craftmanship and time and gives a result that lasts forever. A vast selection of monogram styles, fonts and thread colour options, together with the trained eye of our experts, make sure each piece is carefully designed to perfection.

As for what to write, that is perhaps the most common question we get from our customers and one we find the hardest to answer since the options are endless – a simple initial or name is always classy, whereas a fun word, saying or quote is a great way to express yourself! As lovers of everything creative, we say – Take the chance to really show your personality, let your message reflect your style and have fun!