Tote Bag Colors


If you have already taken a closer look at our products, you have perhaps wondered about the names of our tote bag colors and why we have chosen such obscure names. Well, as the name reveals, every Tote bag has its' story, and in our case, naturally so has their colors. Our colors have been named after places in the world that inspire us, and that in ways well represent the color of choice. A small note on each color of inspiration...


 Falsterbo is our home! Situated on the very southern coast of Sweden, we are surrounded by the deep blue oceans of the Baltic Sea, long stretched white sandy beaches and beautiful nature reserves. The oceans around Falsterbo change greatly in color with the seasons, from a deep, cool blue in winter, to a bright turquoise in the summer. Always beautiful, despite winters being very long! Needless to say, a place where the environment inspires us in everyday life and motivates us to be kind to the wonderful world we live in.


Skanör is our beautiful neighbor, a little town closely connected with our home Falsterbo. In the old days, it was actually "Skanör with Falsterbo", which might as well be, considering our total population of around 8.000 people live as one. Located on a small peninsula at the southernmost part of Sweden, we are blessed with most amazing sunsets. Summer nights are best spent on the beach or at the harbor in Skanör, watching the sun go down in an ocean of red, orange, pink and coral.


Deerfield used to be my home ... or at least was so for 2 of the most memorable, event filled and important years of my life! The little town Deerfield is located in western Massachusetts in the United States and is home to a wonderful boarding school named Deerfield Academy. My years at D.A. have had a great impact on my life, both education wise and socially and I would never have been the same without them. One could say that those years laid the founding for the businesses I later started, based on my love for "personalize everything". At Deerfield we literally had our name on everything ... perhaps more of a practical reason than anything else, but I loved it nonetheless! Everything about Deerfield is Green ... the surrounding corn fields, lush trees, the team colors, locker room tiles, school buses, running tracks, auditorium chairs, dining hall trays ... the painted faces at school championships - Go Green!


Nestled deep into the forest of the region of Småland in Sweden, lays the small village of Hamneda, my second home! In contrast to the southern coasts open fields and oceans, Småland offers dense forests with old pines, a rich wild life with moose, deer, and wild boar, endless of mushrooms and berries to pick and lakes for excellent fishing. A perfect getaway to clear your head and find inspiration from the nature and wildlife around you.


Not only is Calcutta, the home of our production, but it is also an impressive, hysterical, chaotic and crazy city with no other like. In Calcutta, it is hard to avoid taking notice of the dirt and decay, even if this has nothing to do with why the city has been named "The Black City". This name has come, perhaps most famously from the many Europeans imprisoned in the Black Hole of Calcutta, but also from that a finger of the black Goddess Kali fell here when Shiva was carrying her dead body. Kali is the goddess of death and time, but also a strong mother-figure embodying feminine energy and creativity, which suits us quite well indeed!


The city of Jaipur, Rajasthan's capital, is one of India's architectural wonders. It houses some of the country's most ornate royal palaces, impressive structures designed hundreds of years ago. A romantic pink hue, which has defined the city since 1876, after it was painted pink to welcome Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, gives Jaipur its status as the "Pink City". The first gates you enter are pink and once you're through, everything around you varies in different shades of the color, from bright pinks to reddish browns. We're impressed we managed to settle for just two pink colors in our collections, Jaipur easily could inspire to many more!


Have you ever been to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands!? Neither have we! But we’ve been close, to the beautiful islands scattered along the Thai and Myanmar coasts in the Andaman Ocean. Farther out at sea, belonging to India lays this amazing group of paradise islands, still visited by few and largely untouched or spoiled. The plan was to visit back in 2015, while in Thailand, but the logistics became too difficult with Visas and vaccinations. The trip was instead planned for Christmas 2020, but we all know how that went. So, we keep on dreaming … of the crystal-clear waters, the bright white beaches, colorful sea life, friendly people and amazing food. Soon, very soon.


Almost a secret too good to give up, the tiny little island of Koh Kradan in the Andaman Sea is a truly perfect place to find peace, relaxation and inspiration. Its beautiful colors range from the unbelievably turquoise sea, with its corals and fish of all imaginable shades, to the lush jungle with endless coconut palm trees. Here it's easy to spend your days sipping fresh coconuts, handpicked by the acrobatic tree climbers, while sketching on new patterns for collections to come.


Moving in a completely different direction, both color wise and geographically, our first topics of inspiration for this rich brown color were coffee, cigars and chocolate. But seeing coffee is definitely at the top of my list of obsessions, spinning the globe brought me to South America & colorful, wild, exotic Brazil. My family will be visiting Bahia at the end of the year (still pushing the Andaman & Nicobar Islands forward due to we all know what) and we can't wait ... for white sand beaches, perfect surf waves, delicious food & cocktails with friends ... and loads and loads of coffee of course!


Chefchaouen is an extraordinary city in Marocco. The beauty of the mountainous surroundings are enhanced by the contrast of the old town, brightly painted in blue. One theory as to why the city was originally painted blue, is that blue keeps mosquitos away. Another is that Jews introduced the blue when they took refuge from Hitler in the 1930s. On a happier note, the blue is also said to symbolize the sky and heaven and serve as a reminder to lead a spiritual life. Chefchaouen is not only a wonderful place to stroll, but also a great attraction for shopping, offering many native handicrafts not available elsewhere in Morocco.


To anyone who has been to Portugal, and Lisbon in particular, you will surely have been struck by the feeling that "yellow is everywhere"! You will find beautiful houses painted in vibrant yellow colors, amazing handmade tiles in yellow and blue often adorn both inside and out, and perhaps the most famous are the historical yellow funiculars (trams) trafficking the city. Don't miss taking a ride on the Bica Funicular if you ever go.


Got to love a good Rioja, right?! La Rioja is the most well-known wine region in Spain, huddled around the Ebro River Valley in the north. Apart from the never-ending supply of excellent wines, the region offers an absolutely stunning scenery. Rows and rows of shimmering ancient olive trees and gnarled vines stripe each hill in silver and green. Medieval villages with walled castles scatter the area, simply setting a fairytale backdrop, a faded page from a storybook suddenly come to life. A road trip in La Rioja is as good for the creative mind as can be.


The bright color of red is a true symbol of the city of London. There are endless of red double decker buses roaming the streets, beautiful red-letter boxes still available for those holding on to snail mail (delivered by red post office vans and bikes), the iconic red phone booths, which in today's mobile world have gotten many new creative uses, and then of course there is the Union Jack red (and blue), adorning tube signs and so much more around this highly patriotic city. Apart from inspiring us in our choice of the perfect bright and bold red color, London is a city that inspires in so many ways. Filled with amazing shopping and culture, beautiful gardens and endless offers of excellent culinary experiences, this city is easy to fall in love with, every time!


Finally moving along to our last city of color inspiration, the beautiful Swedish capital of Stockholm. Often called the "Venice of the North," Stockholm is a breathtaking city spread across 14 islands. There is an endless offering of things to be inspired by in Stockholm; the archipelago, the architecture, the Old town, Vasa and Skansen museums, Djurgården, the Royal Palace and so much more. And if you are lucky enough to visit in the spring, Kungsträdgården ("The King's Garden") is the place to be. Here, in 1998, sixty-three Japanese cherry trees were planted, and each spring under the soft pink cherry blossom trees, people gather to soak up the warm sun, eat ice-cream and gossip ... absolutely stunning!